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Tue Sep 21 @ 7:00PM - 07:30PM
Victory Bible Studies
Wed Sep 22 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Mid Week Meeting

It's great to have a fresh wind of God's spirit blowing in CoastWIDE. People praying to invite Jesus to be Lord of their lives either in church or associated with our church family, lady in hospital in a coma who doctors were ready to turn off life support, prayed for her, and Jesus touched her life, within the week out of hospital. Lady going to have surgery on her ear drum, no longer needs to have surgery, healed and whole. Another person in ICU out of ICU the next day and out of hospital the following day. Elderly man stopped eating and communicating with family now eating and communicating with family again and so much more. I have no doubt, God is better than good. Keep blowing on us Jesus. We live in glorious days.

God's Provision

God has never and will never let us down. That is the unshakable belief that Shayne and Susan Cunningham have in Jesus Christ. He continues to prove Himself faithful day by day. We have truly experienced the abounding provision of God. He has supplied 4 vehicles, cancelled out Tens of Thousands of dollars of debt, provided our current home debt free and healed us both of numerous sicknesses. There is nothing that can compare to a living faith in Jesus Christ and walking in the fullness of THE BLESSING of Christ without measure. We are a living proof that faith in God's Word works.


Asking God for help
I have been trying so hard to work out an issue in my business for quite some time now, spending hours upon hours trying everything I knew to do including asking other people for their help but I have not been able to find a solution. After a lot of time again last night I felt like crying and just giving up, so I walked away from the problem. Not being able to leave it alone I went back again today and started working again still to no avail so I prayed for God’s empowerment to point me in the right direction and again another 45 minutes passed and still nothing. So again I prayed and simply said ‘Lord please help me, I’m desperate’. So I felt to look in an area that I was sure wouldn’t hold my answer, and it didn’t, but it did point me to another area and there it was, the answer I had been so desperately searching for. All I could do is shout with excitement and thank and praise my God who ALWAYS comes through for me. So I will no longer be trying to accomplish any projects without first seeking guidance from the One who knows all.

The power of the Word
You do not know me but up until recently neither did I know of Coast Wide Church. My inlaws attend your church. A few months back I decided to give my heart to the Lord. To do so has been on my heart since my late teens.. just over the years I have procrastinated.. tried to brush the feelings off but.. I knew deep down inside it was inevitable, the feeling to serve our Father has only grown stronger over the years & up until recently knew I was ready. I have been thru alot, probably more than the average person. I was tired of the drama, all the negative energy & just knew in my heart it was time. I've taken small steps, and am trying to read the word daily. I know now our Lord Jesus is by my side but up until recently felt I was walking my journey this I mean I dont have anyone here to turn to to share my journey with.. But in saying this I have decided that as of this Sunday I am going to start attending our local church & meeting people who to wish to serve our Father. Recently my mother inlaw suggested I download your sermons, which I have to my ipod.. and I want to say thank you! Thank you, thanks to our Father for working thru you to get me! The messages, His word.. everything I am hearing is exactly what I need, exactly what my heart yearns for and I cant begin to express how much your message, His word touches me. I have shed a few tears listening to the sermons because what's been said hits me to my core. Every spare moment in the day I get I want to listen to another & another. Thank you! My family and I plan on moving back to the Gold Coast this year & when we do I will attend your church. Again Thank you soo much, til we meet! GOD BLESS!!

A Testimony
My health had been declining for 4 years and my doctor had not picked up on the problem. Various blood tests, X rays and specialist visits did not bring any results. At the worst of my continual body pain, coughing and throwing up one evening, I cried out "Father God please heal me". And He did. Immediately, something moved in my throat and the symptoms lessened. I thought that was it and sent out a couple of texts to friends to say that GOD had answered my prayers and I was healed. But He was not finished with me. I became worse over the next couple of days and had to go to the emergency ward at the hospital, where I was admitted. I heard GOD speak to me while I was in the isolation ward. HE told me I wouldn't have to do this on my own. I felt the HOLY SPIRIT ministering to me while I was there. I came out of hospital after 5 days, pain free, able to breathe properly and I had no desire to smoke, a habit I had had for 46 years. My FATHER had restored my health and strengthened my faith even further. I will always stand on HIS word.