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CoastWIDE Church

Tue, Sep 13, 2011


In this message Pastor Shayne shares how the truth of God's word is the only truth to build your life on. Jesus said the truth will set you free. You must not only know truth but then apply it to your life. You'll love this simple yet profound message.
Duration:47 mins 26 secs
A lack of knowledge limits your life in who you are, what you can do and what you can become.  True freedom is only ever found in the truth of God’s Word.  Not what you think it says but what God actually says about you.  .  If you continue/abide in my word then you WILL know the truth.   Can not separate the Word from truth.     The world says – “Truth is only relevant to what you believe truth to be.”  Truth does not revolve around what my thoughts are or what my feelings say.  Truth comes from what God’s thoughts are about you.  Fact vs truth.  2 things warring on the inside of you for your attention.  Man has this innate ability in him to always want to go the easy way.  Fight the good fight of faith – the fight is faith.  Taking this truth of God’s Word and looking at it from every angle.  How would I be if this truth was what I truly believed.  Christianity about the truth being internalized.  It’s not just about the truth you know but it’s also about the truth you apply to your life.    Gideon – “You mighty man of valour.”   Hiding in a winepress. Often we stagger at the promise of God because we look at the facts. Destroyed = cut off. Ship from London o America, several weeks journey. Cheese and crackers.      Knowledge – from personal experience with Him.   When you visit with Jesus around His Word you see who you really are. God loves me as much as Jesus.Made righteous.Justified by the blood.Jesus made poor so I might be made rich.Blessed us thru Jesus – the seed of Abraham.We have an inheritance.By His stripes I am healed.I am accepted into the family of God. Jesus said, “Your Word is truth.”   Also we have in us the Spirit of truth.  .We can anytime of the nite or day, in any place ask the Holy Spirit in us, “Is this true and right to do.”  It is time for us to believe the truth of who God says we are, what we can do and what we can become. 
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