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Thu, May 09, 2013
Duration: 35 mins 22 secs
Receiving from God is necessary for us to accomplish all God needs for us to do. In this message Ps Shayne shows how to receive your needs met from God.
Thu, May 09, 2013
Duration: 44 mins 9 secs
Thu, May 09, 2013
Duration: 47 mins 57 secs
Faith without works is dead. We must activate our faith by believing it in our heart and speaking it out our mouth. Often we think we are in faith, and we may well be, but our faith needs to be activated for the power of it to work
Fri, Mar 08, 2013
Duration: 43 mins 3 secs
Mon, Feb 25, 2013
A year of breakthrough after breakthrough. More favour, more goodness, more blessing than ever before. How? By faith.
Thu, Feb 21, 2013
Duration: 34 mins 52 secs
How are we going to receive the promises of God's grace this year? By faith. In this message Ps Shayne reveals what faith is and why it is so important for us to live by faith.
Mon, Feb 04, 2013
2 words in the bible that can change you life forever. 2 words that no matter what you are facing when understood will release the power and anointing of God to change any and every circumstance before you.
Mon, Feb 04, 2013
God has a blessed plan for you, stay steady on it, believe in it, walk by faith in the plan. The blessings is God's plan for us. In this message Ps Shayne shows how to live daily in the plan of God.
Sun, Jan 13, 2013
We live in both glorious days and dangerous days, glorious for those living by God's Word and dangerous for those who live outside the covenant of God. Where do you fit in?
Sun, Dec 30, 2012
In this message of Resting in Jesus Pastor Shayne summarises the last several weeks of what happens when we come to Jesus and find His place of rest
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